Welcome to Boxing Kangaroo Club

Join the club and gain access to the greatest fighters of all time. Win tickets to join Tyson Fury's boxing gym in Las Vegas, and display your NFTs on the big screens photographed by ESPN regularly!

Where can I buy my Boxing Kangaroo's?

You will be able to mint on the website. After minting is complete, you can list on OpenSea or Rarible

What is the mint price and when is the drop?

You can vote on the mint price and launch date now in the Discord server. Once the vote completes we will announce the mint price and launch date at NFT NYC, November 2nd.

What is the total supply of the Boxing Kangaroo?



The best way to show off your collectibles is on your back! Show off your Boxing Kangaroo, show the world! We are giving away to owners of NFTs a special edition t-shirt brand created by a guest designer.


Community building, NFT and ETH giveaways.

FREE entry to win Floor Seats to Crawford v. Porter hosted Top Rank.

Whitelist yourself! Be the first to mint up all future QGlobe drops..

Line of limited-edition t-shirts based on the boxing wallaroo character.

Partnership announcements and live events that only holders can attend.

Airdrop additional NFT accessories released that upgrade your avatar.

Additional NFT female avatar drop at 10k total only for 30 day holders of the NFT for character breeding to earn more NFTs.

Mansion party in Las Vegas and Miami attended by entrepreneurs, celebrities, and athletes.

Raffle ticket entry to win tickets Tyson Fury’s boxing gym in Las Vegas, hotels included.